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Fandom Update, tail end of summer 2011

How do cleaning the bathroom and washing pots make one so happy? I'll never understand it.

ETA: this coming from someone who is not forced to do either regularly. I imagine it sucks massively for people who do.


Most of freshman year was busy beyond belief, so this is all the live-action TV, anime, k-dramas, and manga consumed in that time period, mostly concentrated in the summer periods:

TV & Comics, Summer 2010 - Summer 2011Collapse )

Traditional media such as books and movies will go in a much longer, cumulative, and far-reaching list, but the highlights:

Books and MoviesCollapse )

And looking forward, Stuff I'm Excited For:

HIMYM season 7
Community season 3
rewatch of AtLA
going to start Game of Thrones
going to finish Being Human because it rocks
the rest of CLAYMORE ZOMG
Pixar's Brave

and finally



PT Rewatch, Notes and Squeedom, Eps 1 to 3

Am currently rewatching Princess Tutu, the mad genius of the ballet shoujo genre. Not the loud, batshit one, mind - that is Revolutionary Girl Utena and always will be - but her quiet, tranquil, and terribly clever younger sister.

My rewatch reaction notes from EPISODE ONE to EPISODE THREE are within the LJ-cut below. BEWARE THE BARRAGE OF SPOILERS!

Once upon a time, a man died.Collapse )


Love this show. Love. Want to strangle the world for landing me with low-quality episodes in .rmvb form, though. Not. funny.

Mizushiro Setona

What's this? Who is this? Who is this mangaka whose sense of 'shipping resonates so perfectly with mine that it's unholy, the sheer glee that can be derived from romances that are canon and not fanon? So unholy I can overlook the very... not feminist undertones of the manga? Who is she, to write not a single relationship that did not end the way I wanted it to, or who never failed to convince me of yet another? What is this devilry!? Is it witchcraft??

I (almost) never witness the canonization of the ships I want, so this jaded shoujo fan gapes here, trying not to die of shock. This just never happens. I almost thought it was a natural law of some sort.

VERY Important Edit: This is to say, I haven't started After School Nightmare yet! I've finished the following:

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese
The Carp on the Board Jumps Twice
Mister Mermaid
Shanghai, 1999
Diamond Head

... and have not been disappointed once when it came to relationships, plot, and overall storytelling quality. The greatest weakness has to be gender politics that are typical of shoujo, which is pessimistic at the very least: the female protagonist representing "emotion" amidst men who represent founded "logic," intelligent women who die pointless, quick, and stupid deaths at the hands of men, even the inclusion of women are mere obstructions for shounen-ai relationships. If you can look past these (and one of the ugliest truths of the world is that most shoujo lovers do), then there is nothing left to stop you from reading Mizushiro Setona.

Kimi ni Todoke thoughts, by ch.38

Kimi ni Todoke

What I absolutely love about this is series is that it's all about *her.*

No, it really IS all about her. So many shoujo feature heroines falling in love and gaining confidence, by helping resolve the psychological issues that are always *his.* She nurtures him; cares for him; gives him her shoulder; listens to him; forgives him. Despite a middling self-confidence, she tends to be more well-adjusted than he is, while his emotional ineptitude or traumas provide plot fodder. This is true for Bokura Ga Ita; the anime version of Fruits Basket; Ouran High School Host Club; Goong; Please Save My Earth; Mars; Crossroad; even Skip Beat is on that track - basically, every "bad boy" series. But in Kimi ni Todoke...

"I want to reach him, reach him, reach him," she thinks to herself, but she already has. He is madly, deeply in love with her, after being the one to support her for so long, to watch her, and to forgive her. No, that's not the main issue at hand, whether or not she reaches him, because she *had* him before page 1. It was EXPOSITION. No, what we're witnessing now is Sawako confronting herself and her issues of extremely low self-esteem, or as Chizu so aptly puts it, her propensity to "bash [herself.]" Until those issues are resolved, she and Kazehaya can never get together; until Sawako comes to terms with her own inability to understand that people unconditionally love her, neither she nor he can ever move forward.

one spoiler within this sentenceCollapse )

Everything, everything hinges on Sawako's recognition of the walls she created, because she is the only who can take them down.

I LOVE this series.

Other series that invert the infamous shoujo dynamic of "she the therapist:"

Kimi Wa Petto (josei, not shoujo, I know, but still! it's a perfect example of this role reversal)
Tennen Pearl Pink

Gorgeous, photo-based meme

1. Answer each of the questions below using Flickr Search.
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favorite photo into this site: bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php
4. Then share with the world!

1. First Name
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5. Celebrity Crush
6. Favorite Drink
7. Dream Vacation
8. Favorite Dessert
9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
10. What I Love Most In The World
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. My LiveJournal Name

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College admissions offices make the most fickle suitors. In the invitational emails they send, they're all honey-tongued and tender, exalting in how great I am and how happy I would make them if I applied, they would make me so happy in return, and so on, and so forth. But once the deadline passes, they change their tune amazingly: why haven't they received my application yet? They've granted me an application extension, because they love me so much, but they won't send me another one, oh no, they won't! Did they tell me how great I am yet? No? Then allow them to remind me, in as many loving emails as possible! So, now that I'm so moved, have I applied yet?

Touchy like a spurned, drunken lover. I then do the virtual equivalent of trashing cheap bouquets, and never fail to be horrified when I hear friends mention in passing that they've applied just because the colleges have asked so nicely. Ah well. Such is love.


[an intermission]

Just popping in to mention my six-year-old brother, Josh, and the story I just read to him. I hastily chose it out of my full collection of the Grimms' brothers' fairy tales, as I looked for something short and possibly full of fuzzy animals. I suppose I should've seen this coming:

Me: "but he let fall the bucket in the well, and himself after it, and as he could not get out again, he was obliged to be drowned." The end.
Josh: That's it?
Me: ... yeah, that's it. Err. THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS--
Josh: **ambles off to watch TV**
Me: ;_;

IN MY DEFENSE, the story was titled, "The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage." Deceptive like ninja, yes or yes?

Oct. 13th, 2009


I'm now in my senior year of high school, and I will turn eighteen next January, on the third.


Brb, at least until I can, somehow, secure my future.

I won't be leaving permanently; I just won't post often, if I ever posted with any real frequency at all. I'll still write lots of comments, though!
So I went to my first anime convention yesterday - YasumiCon 09 at FIU - and returned home with a souvenir that is almost certainly better than yours:

Yeah. OH YEAH. There will never be another one ever again.

More details about cons later. Maybe. When I finally recover from the shock of finding a mostly homemade Kakashi-themed rubber duck.

One Piece and "Manliness"

So littlekasumi and I were discussing the gender issues in One Piece, your basic good, bad, ugly, and really annoying. She made some very justified complaints about the lack of co-gender fights, and I griped a little about the limited nature of the women-anything fights, and I walked away from the thread with a half-full bottle of hope and a question about Oda's concept of "manliness."

The more I dwell on his use of the word, the more the bottle appears half-empty.

As much as I love the series and admire his fierce, independent, strong-willed female characters, his concept of "manliness" was still one of my most deeply rooted resentments. Make no mistake, I think it's a noble, marvelous concept - straightforwardness, honesty, "A wound on the back is a swordsman's humiliation," everything Luffy embodies - and something I wish to implement into my own life, but it appears to me as if he really does restrict these golden qualities to his male characters.

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On a lighter note, I've been on a shoujo manga binge lately; just last night, I reread Cat Street and found it better and lovelier than I did the first time (and even then I loved the hell out of it.) I'll post to sing its praises soon enough.