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College admissions offices make the most fickle suitors. In the invitational emails they send, they're all honey-tongued and tender, exalting in how great I am and how happy I would make them if I applied, they would make me so happy in return, and so on, and so forth. But once the deadline passes, they change their tune amazingly: why haven't they received my application yet? They've granted me an application extension, because they love me so much, but they won't send me another one, oh no, they won't! Did they tell me how great I am yet? No? Then allow them to remind me, in as many loving emails as possible! So, now that I'm so moved, have I applied yet?

Touchy like a spurned, drunken lover. I then do the virtual equivalent of trashing cheap bouquets, and never fail to be horrified when I hear friends mention in passing that they've applied just because the colleges have asked so nicely. Ah well. Such is love.